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Hello Stefania and Dietmar,

Welcome!  There is much knowledge in this group and you will find answers to most of your questions.

We have an SM with 3 solar panels with 450W total capacity built atop a gantry which forms a davit for dinghy transport. (in light weather)  Our arch is mounted with the front attachments on the aft part of the railing and the rear attachments are attached on the outer beam of the skirt.  Additionally, we have twin cross bars bracing the structure to a reinforced center candle on the base of the deck.  It adds considerable rigidity to the entire structure.  Safe design.

As an opinion, unless your panels are small capacity, you may have added too much weight aloft for the structure to remain stable and rigid.  If this is the case, you could reduce the number of panels to 3 or resort to a bracing system of applicable design.

Other members will be along soon to add to the topic.

Good luck.

Jean-Pierre Germain,
SY Eleuthera, Amel Super Maramu 007

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Hi guys! We're new in the group and we hope someone could help us.

We've a Santorini; we let doing a rollbar in order to hold 4 solar panels and a wind generator. Aesthetically it's very nice. But if you scroll it, it swings ; the blacksmith says that's the normal steel torsional elasticity. We're afraid it could damage the washboard, because the arch is based on it. We will send also some photos to show you how it works. If some engineer would help us...

Stefania and Dietmar "Euploia"-Santorini 93

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