Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Upgrading all electronics

enio rossi

Hi Kent,
 the Sterling ProCharge N is only charger, it was  installed  time ago, without ground connection, but I have seen the problem only now, touching the mooring wet of salt water, while the boat is connected  to  the shore power of the Marina and with the C.B. on.
I can see the voltage leak with the tester on AC (2V) and DC (2.5V) connecting metallic parts of the boat with sea water.
Now the generator (Fischer Panda) is totally isolated, with all wires ( in and out ) disconnected so I' using now only solar panels.
I am going to do all the measures suggested by Olivier, but I think that the Sterling is not suitable for our boats.
Could  you give me some indication about Battery Charger  suitable to boats with the electrical system isolated, like Amel?
I also istalled an alternator-to-battery charger Sterling, do you think that it too could not be ok  for the Amels?
Here I'm not able to find an Amel-savvy electrician. 
Good wind

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