Rub rail enhancement

Mike Ondra

We are considering adding a UHMW Polyethylene strip to the groove in the rub rail. ¼” thick will leave it proud of the fiberglass rub rail about 1/8”, hopefully enough to take the majority of abuse and protect the fiberglass. The 7/8” wide material comes in 10 ft. long pieces and we would bevel the ends to obtain some overlap for aesthetic purposes. The material does not adhere well to any adhesive so we are considering a bed of 3M 4200 adhesive and countersunk screws 12” on center. We would go with the black polyethylene under the advice that white or natural would yellow under UV. Also if anyone has a cross sectional drawing of the rub rail that information would be helpful in determining the optimum screw size.


Any hints or suggestions?



Mike and Tom

Aletes SM#240

Rock Hall, MD

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