Re: Super Maramu rigging loads

Herbert Lackner

Hi Bill, I bought a new rig from ACMO in 2014 and it was installled in Turkey 2015. ACMO delivered the complete rig that fitted exactly, I only had to tell them the build number. After having it installed in Kusadasi I was not happy with the way they installed it and I "played" with the rig for some weeks until I was really happy with it. I learned a lot about rigging on an Amel in this time and used the info in this forum again and again and again.

I made sure that the masts are straight and the spreaders have the right angle (took me two weeks...) and not bended (only leaning back for some cm) and made sure that it was very tight (later when we crossed the atlantic and used the twin pole system we even made it more tight because of the rig movement we experienced with the big waves and the poles). In the end the only problem were the backstays. I tried to get them tigtht but that was not possible without bending our nice straight main mast. I checked the length of the stays but they were exactly like the original configuration. So in the end I foumnd out (after checking with a lot of other Amels) that the backstays should not be as tight as the other stays, all the other stays are very tight but NOT the backstays. I have seen more than one Amel with tight backstays that had major cracks at the stern.

We did not use an instrument for measuring the "tightness" but there is a very helpful rigging manual published by selden that shows an easy method how to do that only with a measuring tape (just google it)

fair winds

herbert, KALI MERA SN120, Trinidad

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