Re: DOLPHIN carger 24 volt 100 A

Kent Robertson

Hi Alan,
I'm looking at the Victron Skylla-I 80 or 100A charger. I am curious what you do about desulfating (equalization) of your batteries. I see that it has an automatic mode, but I understand that the high voltages of thus mode (33V) may damage equipment. When I had my old Freedom charger/inverter, I triggered the equalization mode manually, and during that ?6 hr cycle all 24V equipment was turned off. The Skylla-i also has a manual mode, but it only lasts 1 hour.

I have a 360Ah bank of flooded lead acid batteries that are a hybrid type between cranking and deep cycle.

What is your desulfation routine?

Also, did you confirm there is no connection between the DC side and the AC ground?


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