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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Whenever we haul the boat I check for continuity between the propeller and each of the zincs on the rudder. Unless I am mistaken though this does not check the keel strap and there is no easy way of doing an end to end check for the keel being connected to the bonding system except perhaps testing between one of the other keel bolts and a common bonding point.





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James,  yes, the connection is to protect the iron keel and the keel bolts from electrolytic corrosion. If the connection is broken / corroded with the years the keel transforms to swiss cheese (the one with the tiny holes :-) ) and requires a lot of sandblasting before recoating (I did learn the importance of a working amel bonding system the hard way, as with some other amel specific items on the boat, checking the resistance between battery and bonding is one of my routine tasks)...

herbert, KALI MERA, SN120, trinidad

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