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James Alton


    Sorry to hear about your flooded engine, that must have been quite a shock.  I have recovered a number of diesels that had been flooded with salt water and so long as the recovery is done within a reasonable time there should be no damage.  You won’t break a piston pulling on a short wrench on the crankshaft but you are doing the right thing in clearing the water by not using the starter.  You basically want to clear the water, run the engine, change the fluids as needed if any are milky.  Your oil may look ok now but there may be some water at the bottom of the pan that will mix in after you run the engine.   Just remove all evidence of the water through fluid changes and you should be fine.  I would shut off the sea water intake just before shutting down the engine until you can determine the cause of the flooding.  You can likely use the engine in this manner without flooding until you can correct the problem if you are in a jam and need to run it.  The engine will not flood so long as it is running.  I would come up with some way to remind yourself that the raw water is off so that you don’t forget and run the engine with the valve closed.

   Whatever has changed will likely flood the engine again.  I would take the injection elbow off of the engine and check to see if it has corroded through somewhere,  pin holes are not uncommon.  The vented loop may have become blocked and is allowing the sea water to siphon back into the engine.  Check to be sure that it is operating properly.  Let me know what you find.

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SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

On Aug 12, 2016, at 6:46 AM, onboardaphrodite@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hi group this is Tom amel 46 Maramu no. 125 1983

I have had Aphrodite for 16 years and never had this happen

I used the starter button, one clik and would not turn engine over!

I could not turn drive shaft with pipe wrench!

Opened air cleaner and FULL of water! Took off exhaust hose lots of water

Was able to turn over with wrench with some water coming out

Took off first and last injectors water came out of each cylinder

I think I have most water out?

ShouldI take other injectors off or will water go out ext. valves as I turn over?

Should I put some oil in cylinders before putting injectors back on?

 After bleading fuel I will try and start, run for a few and change oil 

There is no water in oil at this point, only in air intake and cyclinders .

I think this will get me going . I am at a small island in Indonesia!

I have been in 30ft seas and 60kts winds and never had this happen.

We had 15to25 down wind 4ft seas the last two days I motored for 4hrs.but ! Only at 1500RPMS I usually

Run2000 Any ideas on putting back together and not happening agin Perkins 4-154 Thanks Tom

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