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Hi Everyone:

Thanks Judy for your excellent description. If you are having to pull on the cable to
achieve Thruster locking-pin alignment you might try adjusting the thruster as described

Additionally, I have uploaded some items that may contribute to the SM bow thruster
service discussion:

To the Photo's Area I made and new album entitled "BOW THRUSTER SERVICE" that has
some labeled photos of the bow thruster components. Others may upload additional
pertinent photos to that album. There are some excellent additional photos in the album
labeled "SM227" that show the Amel Special Tool etc.

In the FIles Area I uploaded a document that I wrote up when I last did my thruster service
(as described to me by Ray Eaton, Amel's rep in Ft. Lauderdale) that describes the service
procedures, tools needed, etc.

I hope these will be of aid to Amel ownners who visit this site.

Regards to all,

Gary Silver

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