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If you haven't cleaned your tanks in a year or more, or if you see growth on the sides of the tanks, I'd recommend putting a couple gallons of bleach in a tank full to the top, flush your fresh water lines, and let it sit for 24 hours.  Pump it out (I use a $40 sump pump to pump it out quickly), then flush the tanks with fresh water a couple of times, flushing your fresh water lines each time.  I use the wet shop vac to get almost all out each time.  I put all dock water through two charcoal filters to remove chlorine, and have a charcoal filter between the tanks and the fresh water pump to remove any remaining chlorine before it goes through the Watermaker membranes during flushing.

If you have mold growing on the sides of the tank, I couldn't find any other way to get rid of it.

Kent "Patch" "Rusty"
SM 243

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Hi James,

Also agree with Michel. While tank is empty, you can also check the heads of the keel bolts for corrosion 


Jean-Pierre Germain
Eleuthera SM007

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   A very simple solution!  (grin)  

   Michel btw warned me against using a pressure washer of any sort since it can lift the tank coating causing flaking and problems down the road.  


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Hi Paul,

Remove the tank cover and using your wet/dry vacuum cleaner, suck out the tank bottom. 

Takes 5 mins

Eleuthera SM007

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Hello everyone

Has somebody a good Solution to clean the watertank on a super Maramu

I cannot find any remark in this Forum on this Subjekt

Thanks Paul  sm328

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