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Olivier Beaute

Hello Tom,

concerning the causes of water contaminating the cylinders, you may consider water coming from outside through the exhaust hose, filling up the muffler and entering the cylinders through the exhaust valves.
Check that the exhaust hose is making a loop as high as possible, in case the original mounting has been changed.
This has already happened, and this is why AMEL added an anti return flap system in the SM (since probably 1993). The reason for that is that the design of the SM, with a powerful generator, allows not running the engine for a few days (up to 30...) on a passage.
In a Maramu or a Santorin, even on a passage, you need to start the engine at least once a day (for hot water, or batteries charging or fridge engine-driven compressors).
Since 2000, it is strongly advised, in the SM owner's manual, to run the engine once a day (or more), especially in choppy/jumpy waters, to reject the water that may have come into the exhaust circuit (although there's a rubber flap in the stainless steel box, close to the hull.
There is no such flap on the generator's exhaust line of the SMs, because you are supposed to run it every day...!! For those who now have a strong solar panel capacity, and who may not want to start the genset for a few days, bear in mind that, on a port tack, the exhaust through-hull fitiings are exposed to the waves slapping the hull that may force water into these holes.
On a passage, run the engine and genset at least once a day (even for 5 minutes...).

Tom, I hope you will save your engine. You now have all the necessary advice.


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Water is not compressible so cranking the engine with water in it will cause the cylinder rings to break or bend a connecting rod. You need to be SURE the water is out BEFORE cranking.
The good news is this is not as bad as it seems unless the water has been there for a while.
If you have a decompression lever, you can open it and hand crank the engine until the water is out.
If no decompression lever:
METHOD 1: Remove all the injectors and blow water out of the injector holes. Turn the engine over in small increments and try to push water past the cylinder heads. Do not force the issue. Use the starter motor and flick it on and off. Or, better still turn the crank shaft with a wrench. Do not rush or force things. This works well for older engines that have some wear as water will pass by the cylinder rings.
METHOD 2: Another method (and I think is a safer method) is to remove the valve cover and place coins under the valves to keep them open (an American quarter is a good size), The coins need to be placed between the rocker arms and the valve stems. The valves open inward to the cylinders. On some engines the distance between the valves and the cylinder head is very small so you must turn the engine by hand to ensure you are not blocking a cylinder cycle with the valve open. If the engine locks up, take the coins out and try again with a thinner coin. Once you have turned the engine 3 or 4 times (complete rotations) you should be able to safely start the engine. While turning the engine water is removed by forcing it out the valves. You can also check each cylinder through the injector holes with the injectors removed. Expect white smoke when first starting as this is small amounts of excess water.
Be sure to check for water in the oil regularly for the first 24 hour of operation.
Hope this helps.
With best regards,
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Hi group this is Tom amel 46 Maramu no. 125 1983
I have had Aphrodite for 16 years and never had this happen
I used the starter button, one clik and would not turn engine over!
I could not turn drive shaft with pipe wrench!
Opened air cleaner and FULL of water! Took off exhaust hose lots of water
Was able to turn over with wrench with some water coming out
Took off first and last injectors water came out of each cylinder
I think I have most water out?
ShouldI take other injectors off or will water go out ext. valves as I turn over?
Should I put some oil in cylinders before putting injectors back on?
 After bleading fuel I will try and start, run for a few and change oil 
There is no water in oil at this point, only in air intake and cyclinders.
I think this will get me going . I am at a small island in Indonesia!
I have been in 30ft seas and 60kts winds and never had this happen.
We had 15to25 down wind 4ft seas the last two days I motored for 4hrs.but ! Only at 1500RPMS I usually
Run2000 Any ideas on putting back together and not happening agin Perkins 4-154 Thanks Tom

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