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Hi Bill.  I have the same configuration as Eric, with the entire AC unit in the aft head under the cubby holes.
The only thing I the engine room is the AC seawater pump.

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I am fairly sure that you have/had separate Climma A/C with the compressor in the engine room.

Eric has a Climma Compact with the entire unit located inside the boat where your evaporator and blower would be.

But, frankly, I think that you did the smart thing with going with a Climma solution. They simply last longer than other marine A/C least that is my opinion...I think the Captain had the same opinion.

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 I just got a whole new unit from Costal Climate Control in Bowie, MD.  They delivered it to Curaçao in 1wk.  If yours is an old one, you'll need a different controller, and they recommended a new evaporator.
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My 9 Eh Climma unit finally bought the bullet.
The delivery time from Italy is extensive and I was wondering what options other Amel owners have used.
Fair Winds,
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