Battery Charger Manual


I don't have an owner manual for my battery chargers and I'm hoping someone here has a pdf.  All I have is a two page "Basic Operation Guide"

I need to change them from Gel to Lead Acid charging.

They are the Dolphin Power First SM Series Battery Charger 100 amp and 30 amp.  This was discussed in an earlier thread but my chargers seem to be different.

The 30 amp had a slide switch labeled "Free" and "Gel" which seems simple enough, but I wonder if a 9 pin connector also has to be relocated.

The 100 amp has 5 holes in the circuit board with the label "Free" and "Gel" below it.  I'm not sure how the holes play into it, there is nothing in any of them.  I posted photos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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