Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] BOW THRUSTER SERVICE

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Mike Wrote:
Does a bow thruster rebuild kit from Amel contain the 3 foam donut seals,
the prop shaft seal, and perhaps the "shaft lip seal" ? Cost?
I last ordered a set of bow thruster seals. "Jeu de joint de propulseur d'etrave"
Sept 2005 from Amel. At that time the cost was 33.50 Euros, plus freight.
The kit included three foam seals, 1 lip seal for the shaft of the thruster
foot, (It is a typical lip seal with a metal outer band and pliable rubber
grooved sealing surface), and a lip seal for the prop shaft.

Amel's kit and price may have changed so if you place
an order with them I suggest you spell out IN DETAIL what you want.
Olivier Beaute, Amel's after sales service rep, is excellent but he is so
busy that he is at times hard to get ahold of. However, his assistant
Maude, also speaks excellent English and is very knowledgable.

Good Luck,


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