Re: 220v shore power cord

rbenven44 <no_reply@...>

Just a little additional info the shore power cord issue: If you plug
in to 220V (as suggested by Eric on Kimberlite), by using a 50 amp
shore power plug wired to your 220V black cord, you're fine. But if
you are planning to plug in to 110V and use an on-board transformer to
boost the voltage up to 220V, then you need a heavier shore power
cord. The reason is that electricity at 110V needs twice the amps to
provide the same power as at 220V. Thus, you need a bigger cable.
The surveyors are only familiar with 110V shore power systems, and
assume that you will be splitting the 50 amp 220V shore power into two
110V circuits. Stay with 220V and the 50 amp plug (wired as per Eric),
and you'll be fine.
Roy on Excalibur

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