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I have helped other owners with this issue. Most have been exactly as you have described.

My recommendation is that you can probably leave it as is, but be sure you grease it and use a snubber.

I agree on not changing the oil. There is really no reason to change the oil because:
  • If there is any slivers of metal or any other heavy substances in the oil you probably will not retrieve them by siphoning, and these pieces will probably do no harm as they will sink to the bottom. There is no oil pump...just splash-oiling.
  • The windlass is not an internal combustion engine that will change the oil by heat.
However, make sure that there is sufficient oil by using a small stiff wire through the fill hole to check the oil level. If you overfill it, you will likely get some minor seepage at the axle seals. I find it impossible to use the sight glass to determine the level, but use the wire to ensure that the level is at the sight glass.

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FYI.  I inquired to Amel Marin about changing Lofrans oil.  They recommended against it.  They did recommend greasing cone but advised against oil change saying it wasn't necessary.  I Got this advise from their head maintenance man in May this year.  

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There was a discussion on oil pumps in the past few months, and one commentor noted a small diameter hose was good for the Lofrans.

I would definitely not unbolt that beast if it wasn't necessary.  Lots of wiring and it may be that there is an embedded plate with the bolt corroded fast.

Does anyone know if the mounting bolts can be just turned out (i.e. is there an embedded plate below the winch for the mounting bolts)??

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