Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] illustration of the Galvanic Isolator Installation

Derick Gates


Nicely illustrated, as always.  Thank you for the instructive pictures!

I note that the way you have hooked up the galvanic isolator, only the 230V shore line is isolated.  The 110V shore line is not (yet) protected.  You can protect the 110V shore line using the same isolator by hooking it up similarly simultaneously.  Disconnect the 110V ground from the common post in the box, and connect it to the input side of the galvanic isolator using the same connection point as the 230V shore ground and you have done it!  (I.e. Change your 2-wire connector to a three-wire connector.)

That way you are protected no matter which shore line you use!

Derick Gates
Currently on the hard in Antigua for hurricane season

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