Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] illustration of the Galvanic Isolator Installation

Derick Gates


My boat was the U.S. Demonstration boat, originally owned by Joel Potter.  Like yours, it was fitted out with the 110V to 230V transformer.  The plug on the end of the 110V shore cable is like the one you have illustrated.  Originally I used this cable in Saint Thomas, being a U.S. territory.  Then I set up a short linker cable that could be attached to the European 3-prong plug on the 230V cable supplied by Amel, and convert it to a standard U.S. 220V plug.  That 230V cable is now my standard to connect to shore power, with the adaptor linker (in the U.S. And the BVI and Antigua and Saint Lucia) or without the adaptor linker in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Previous owners have gotten me well supplied with additional short linker cables to allow connection to other types of plugs.  

If you have not used your transformer yet, be aware that although it will create 230Volts from 110Volts, it DOES NOT CHANGE THE FREQUENCY.  That is to say, if the 110 Volt shore power is 60 Hz, which would be standard, you cannot run the dishwasher, clothes washer, or Dessalator because they require 50Hz.

Also note that while you can add an adaptor plug that will feed you 50 or more amps, the Amel wiring was set up to take a maximum of 32 amps.  I know you have recently installed a meter to measure the amps and watts being consumed via shore power, so you should have no trouble monitoring this.  Even so, be sure not to leave your "extra" cable tightly coiled because it will generate a lot of heat at 16 to 30 amps, enough to melt the insulation - ask me how I know this...

Derick Gates
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