Re: Explanation of Bonding v Grounding Systems


Hi group,

Like others, I read through almost anything on this topic - ground & bonding systems, and 'floating earth' - and I think I 'get it', and then when I try to think of it in practical terms, I end up more confused than ever.

Part of the problem I think is ambiguous terms, or certain terms used in an ambiguous context. 

I have found the article at www[dot]westmarine[dot]com/WestAdvisor/Marine-Grounding-Systems to be very helpful to explain and separate the concepts of bonding systems versus grounding systems, and how they can work together.

Also I read Olivier's useful information at the conversation seen at: groups[dot]yahoo[dot]com/neo/groups/amelyachtowners/conversations/messages/27294, (search conversations for: "correct installation of a new charger "), and other contributions elsewhere.

I found this article useful also, to simply explain galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals, versus electrolytic corrosion due to stray current.  www[dot]

Even so, I still don't fully grok the design principle of the "Floating Ground", but with further study, and clear explanation provided by others in this group, I hope some day to achieve that equi-potential nirvana.  Thank you all for your patient and kind inputs.




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