Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] illustration of the Galvanic Isolator Installation

With regard to the 32A limitation on Super Maramu, and having had the original Amel black wire catch of fire quite spectacularly in 2013 (fortunately at a point about 2 metres away from the hull) here's how we tried to tackle the problem to prevent future incidents:

1.  A 30A breaker was installed inside the lazarette at the point where shore power comes in (just aft and above the propane locker)

2.  The replacement cable for the burnt-up Amel black cable is the 50A standard US-yellow.  The higher capacity should help ensure a bit more survivability as the years go by.

3.  The replacement cable ends in a standard yellow US 30A/125V connector, 30A overall being the ceiling for the boat and 125V being actually acceptable for the Mastervolt battery chargers.

4.  In order to connect to a US-style standard 50A/220V marine outlet, we are forced to use an adapter we built: a weatherproof box with a 30A breaker inside.  On the shore-side, there is a pigtail with a male plug for the 50A outlet.  On the side going to the boat's power cable, there is pigtail with a connector for the boat's 30A/125V plug.

In Europe, we have two adaptors: 
A.  A 25-ft extension connects our yellow 30A plug to the Euro blue 16A connector
B.  A pigtail connects our yellow 30A plug to the Euro blue 32A connector


SM2K Nr. 350
At anchor, Rada di Mezzo Schiffo (Nelson's Bay), Sardinia

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