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Hello Martin. The red on your Amel 54 is,  unless it has been modified/painted, gel coat. Red is second only to black for its tendency to heavily oxidize when exposed to the sun. It can be compounded and then polished to bring it back to glossy, but I would not attempt to do this by hand. If you are not proficient with the use of a electric polishing machine, it might be a good idea to watch an expert do this the first time in order to learn how to make it better without doing any damage or removing too much gel coat.


Good luck with this project and with your voyaging plans.


Have fun with your Amel!


All The Best, Joel

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Hi friends,


My AMEL 54 dates from 2010. The red line on the top edge of the hull became matt over the years. Any ideas how to make it nice and shiny again? Polish? But it is obviouslly no gelcoat. Polish anyhow?


Welcome your hints.






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