Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Shore power plug questions.

Alan Leslie

Hi Alexandre,

Apart from the 4 pin red plugs, we have the same set of plugs and cables plus a few more for South Pacific connections.

The 16A and 32A plugs are different sizes. The boat system is 16A, the cable that goes from 16A socket to 32A plug is so you can plug into a 32A socket on a dock...some docks eg Taina Marina, Papeete, in some places have only 32A sockets.

The black 2 pin plug connected to the 16A socket, allows you to connect to normal European power outlets, eg in the yard at Nouvile Plaisance in Noumea, where we are now.

The red ones...I don't know what they are for, but they look like they haven't been used in a long while !

Hoep this helps

Elyse SM437, Noumea

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