Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Shore power plug questions.

Alan Leslie

Bonjour Alexandre,

The 16 / 32A adaptor is just for convenience (and strictly not legal in most places) to allow you to connect to a 32A socket if a 16A is not available.
You should not draw more than 16A from this outlet.

You are right that would be more logical, but then the boat wiring would also need to be much bigger to take 32A draw.

As it is the boat system is designed for 16A shore power and you should not exceed that.

Everything is a always need to be aware of how much current you are drawing so the capacity of the wiring, breakers and shiore connections are not exceeded.

The Schuko plug is variously 10, 12, 16A depending on who made it and in which country, but with such a short length of cable it shouldn't be a problem up to 16A.

The frig and freezer run from the 24VDC battery supply, so if that is all you are running, you need the small battery charger running to keep the batteries charged and that is only about 4A on the 220V circuit when it is putting out max current to the batteries, which it won't if the batteries are fully, no problem.

Elyse SM437 Noumea

Good afternoon Alan, 

Thanks very much for your reply. 

Just to make sure, even thought it says 16 amp on the plug, it is ok to connect them to a 32 amp connection and obtain up to 32 amp from them? 
The plug will take it ??? 

To me, it would have been more logical to have: 
Power cable coming from the boat terminated with a 32 Amp (and not 16)
Then the extension has 32 Amp on each side. 
Then have an adapter that would reduce to a smaller 16 Amp shore plug. 

So you would actually connect your vessel (in a ship yard) to the Schuko (black 2 pin) and be able to run freezer, fridge, etc.? up to 16 amp? Or would you limit yourself to much less? The cable seem so small… 

Enjoy Noumea! Thanks for your reply, Alexandre

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