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The manual pump is rated at 75 liters/minute.

Paul, I had this issue with Velos Insurance. They wanted a "bilge" pump at a higher rating than either the automatic, or the manual.

I explained to them the watertight compartments and the fact that the total if the two pumps was greater than their "rule."

They ok'd the SUPER MARAMU based on watertight compartments and the standard pumps. And, BTW, I assume that Mark is correct, but I told Velos that each pump was rated at 75 liters.

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The electric pump is rated 30 GMP (115 Liters/minute) at a height of 2.5 meters.


Sorry, I do not know the rating of the manual pump – I guess it depends on how fast you can move the lever J





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Does anyone know the capacity of the AMFA Bilge pump, and the manual bilge pump? One of the insurance companies that we got a quote from , demand combined capacity of minimum 95 l/min. Most pumps capacities are usually rated at no lifting height at all, have not measured the total lifting height yet , but guess more close to 1.5- 2 meter which has a substantial impact on capacity.

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