Re: Diesel in Gibraltar

We filled up at Gibraltar on December 28th.  No issues.  Cheap diesel at nearly half price and cheap dinghy gasoline.   Eight months later, we are still using the Gibraltar dinghy gasoline, and the engine starts at the first pull.

On the North Mole (immediately south of the airport) there are three fueling stations; we passed two and went to the easternmost, largely because of the friendly attendant.  Friendly is good.

Also, Gibraltar does not require the vessel/passengers to check-in if one is only going to the fuel docks.  However, one must genuinely confine oneself to the fuel dock.  We did spend several days in Gib, but each day walking across from the Spanish side.


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Hi friends,

I want to re-fuel in Gibraltar. 

Now I heard some RUMORS, that Diesel-fuel there us sometimes contaminated. 

Any experiences? Price?

Thank you,


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