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We've had Seahawk Cukote (Brown - 3432)  since September 2012.  Two coats plus a bit of reinforcement at the waterline.  Lasted in quite nice condition until February 2015, when two additional coats were applied, and here we are, 18 months later, and the paint is quite alright, but not as nice.

I find that this paint benefits from having a diver wipe the hull at least once every six months.

I haven't yet started researching what are we going to do when we next haul out.  Is this product available in Europe/Turkey?


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I'd like your opinion on how many coats of bottom paint to use.  We plan on heading into the eastern Caribbean on November 1 and we plan on pulling the boat now for bottom paint, C-Drive, prop and bow thruster maintenance.  I hadn't thought about more than one coat, but it is something the marine center offers so I wondered...

A little history:

In Feb 2015 my boat had a bottom job that included sanding to remove all for a start-over on the bottom, 1 coat of Seahawk Tuff Stuff Barrier Coat, fairing, and then 3 coats of Seahawk Tuff Stuff Barrier Coat and two coats of Seahawk CuKote bottom paint.

Seaawk CuKote is advertised as a multi-season paint.  Based on two coats 18 months ago I'm thinking one coat now would set me up for at least a year or more. 

I'm assuming when we pull the boat all is well with the bottom.  

Would your experience dictate more than one coat? 
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