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Alan Leslie

Have a read of this :

Sea Hawk Paints executives get prison terms in banned-coating case


Tin based paints are banned nearly everywhere in the world, for good reason.

I wouldn't trust this company at all.

Elyse SM437..still in Koumac

Whoa, Seahawk in Fl still making great paint. Some tin paints like Seahawk 44 is Only sold outside the USA. It has lasted 4 years in the islands (hauled 4 months/yr). Works in Annapolis (brackish) too. Now on second yr  expect 2 more. used 2 coats, third at waterline. Most yards here avoid sanding due to regulations, Don't!  Guess what the Navy uses.
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We're not in the Caribbean but in the Pacific.

We used Seahawk Cukote in 2014 before heading to Tahiti, it seemed to be OK until we arrived in New Zealand. After 3 months in the marina at gulf harbour we had a vegetable garden growing underneath, neighbouring boats didn't have this issue.
The Seahawk dealer didn't want to know about my fouling issues.
I since learnt that the executives of the company that makes Seahawk products were prosecuted (jailed?) for continuing to sell tin based paints in the US when they declared to the FDA that they had stopped. 
We since changed to Micron 77 ( I used micron 66 on my previous boat for years with excellent results except for one year which I believe was due to the painter adding thinners to the antifouling - Bill, Bebe knows all about that!) and it seems to be good.
My two penny worth.....
Elyse SM437
Koumac, New Caledonia

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