Leroy Somer Outhaul motor

Alan Leslie

I have had serious problems with the outhaul motor. It has been previously repaired and the wire/ brush holder connection is not good.

I've previously taken it apart on deck to resolder the wires as the cable is long enough just to have it sit on a box at the mast foot.

I tried to take the outhaul motor completely off the other day. Getting it off the gearbox is no issue, but the cable won't come out of the mast..it seems that the furling motor cable and the outhaul motor cable are tied together inside the mast..if I pull on one cable the other one moves with it even though I have the outhaul motor disconnected from the solenoid in the fwd head.

Does anyone have any advice on how to remove the cable from the mast ?




Elyse SM437


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