Re: Leroy Somer Outhaul motor

Walter Kleiner

Hi Alan,
I took the outhaul motor and gearbox apart last year, refurbished the motor and got a new gearbox. No problem with the cables - maybe yours are wrapped around each other by coincidence and you are able to unwrapp them carefully trying this way and the other where they appear in the forward head.
The Leroy Somer technician insisted that the cable has to be hard-soldered to the brush holder connection. This cannot be done when the brass brush-holder is in place, but it can be slipped out of its plastic housing. Then you can hard solder (I used silver) and slip it in again. But hard soldering can´t be done nicely on the deck of the boat, so you are back to getting the cable out.
The plastic housing of the brush holder and it´s brass inner part is standard equipment for electric motors.

Kind regards,
Walter (Noa, SM2K 436)

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