Re: Reya Bilge Pump

Well, it sounds like the same white gear that broke on our AMFA (note, not-Reya) bilge pump.  Amel sent us a replacement gear for €129.35, ex-VAT, plus shipping, a couple of years ago.


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Yes, the motor turns a spiral pinion geared to drive the gear wheel, bit like a differential. The gear wheel has a plastic or neoprene ring gear pressed onto the alluminium gear wheel, like the ring gear of a flywheel. The gearwheel operates a piston lever that operates the pump diaphram to pump the bilge. It is the plastic/neoprene ring gear that has broken and the ring gear is slipping around the gear wheel that operates the lever action for the diaphram. Hope that makes sense. I sent another email to Reya but have had no reply. Pity these French sites don't translate to English, especially when they manufacture to distribute world wide.

Thank you for your interest.

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