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When in the Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal we encountered a Cyclone with 50ish knots and about 7 meter waves. It's a long story, but we ran with this cyclone in an anti-clockwise direction for 5 days with the linear pilot. It operated fine.

I prefer the linear because the rotary is noisier and because the linear seems to be quicker.

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Last trip we had was in 30-40 knots of tail wind and not to large following sea. The autopilot had to work a lot to keep the course, but it copped very well. My thought was, which system is more robust the rotary- or the linear drive? good to know when we in the future might encounter more severe weather

Before purchasing our Amel SM we inspected a few SM and one owner which I believe had great experience claimed that he use the rotary drive in tougher conditions, as he once broke the connection between the Linear drive and rudder "wheel/quadrant" He thought that was stronger.

Anyone has a opinion/knowledge about this?

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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