Dry dock bilge usage?

Joe Nance

Hi All,

Tracie & I are returning to the States for 1 - 2 months and have had the boat hauled at the Caicos shipyard in Providenciales.  She is secured in their 'Hurricane Section' which has large cement blocks buried about 8' down for their anchors.

My question is; Should the power to the automatic bilge be left on?  There is no power available to the boat while it's hauled. To conserve the batteries, I'm trying to decide if I should disconnect all of the power at the batteries via the two large red handles or should they be left on so that the bilge can operate?  What happens it the boat gets a large amount of rain during a storm or hurricane when it is secured on dry land?

I know that while in the water if the cockpit is hit with a lot of water it is supposed to evacuate it rapidly,, but I don't know exactly how this is accomplished.

Thank you,

Joe & Tracie

SV CloudStreet, hull 331

Providenciales, TCI

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