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Hi Bill, that's the irony of storm sails. In building conditions we can be quite comfortable sailing with the big Genoa part furled, but those same conditions are beyond what we want to face on the fore deck handing that huge sail. A hard call. When having a new 150% headsail made I told the sail maker not to weight the cloth for the moderate winds the full sail would be used in, but for the strong winds it would be used in partly furled. Their first try was way too light and I sent it back and they provided the right weight at their cost.
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We had a new ATN "Gale Sail" on board, but the conditions prohibited bending this sail on to the Genoa Furler. I sold the Gale Sail had never been used. We mostly used about 2.3 meters of the Genoa and about half of the Mizzen for most of the high winds. When winds subsided to about 35kts, we added about 50% the main and more of the Genoa. We preferred to keep the boat speed under 7kts.

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Thank you Bill!

That trigger an other question,
What canvas did you use at that condition?
We made very good speed at 30 knots of wind with half the Genua pooled out, but I guess it difficult to have it further furled I got the impression that the top will "fall" out and flog a lot if further furled:
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