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On the electrical drawings from Amel, it shows the sump pump coming from the battery side of the switch.  That's how Kristy was wired when I got her.  I have also moved the charger DC output cables to the battery side of the switch so I can turn everything off but the charger.
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I agree Kent , keeping my boat on a mooring I want the sump to be working, but would like to disconnect the rest of the boat. I am reluctant to change things electrically , but am wondering if there is a compelling reason not to change it over. I hope everything went well for you.

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Any reason we couldn't power the bilge pump from the battery side of the main switches?  That's how my charger is wired.

I really don't think a functioning sump pump is necessary when on the hard, but when in the water, it would be nice to have a functioning sump pump, but turn everything else off.
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