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Hello everyone. About a year ago I experienced a loss of my original Volvo Penta engine, and posted a lot of messages hoping to solve the engine "no start" problem. After much testing and head scratching we finally discovered that saltwater had migrated up into the exhaust manifold and the head, destroying the integrity of the engine and preventing me from starting it. No one has been able to positively tell me exactly why it happened.

I replaced the engine with a new Volvo Penta D3. It was not an easy installation, as the new generation diesels are configured differently. We had to cut some of the frame to get the engine to sit correctly, adapt the old 24V alternator mount to clear the wall (the new one is side mounted and would not work), and modify the exhaust system to go with a 90mm exhaust from the muffler to a new flapper outlet. Volvo would not sign off on the engine without the larger exhaust hose (the original was 75mm). It was a pain, but the new layout reduces back pressure and minimizes the amount of water flowing back into the muffler on shutdown - all good with the new systems.

The good news is that I am now up and running after more than a year of "dead in the water" time. We did a sea trial and all looks good, except a cocked engine mount. We are trying to figure out why.

I have a couple of things to finish and I am looking for help out there. The new engine uses an eKey system (kind of like a car), so there is no key switch. As such it no longer turn on the things that started up when you turned the key. I believe there is a 12V engine room fan that came on, and maybe a pump. I also believe the ignition turned on the 24V alternator field to allow it to charge the house batteries, as well as energize the isolation relay. The engine did not come with the ground isolation system that Amel installed on the original engine. Volvo has something they call a "2-pole" which I have bought, but they give me no documentation. I pretty much have to figure it out on my own.

Does anyone out there know how the isolation relay works on their Volvo engine? Also what systems start up when you turn on the ignition?

Many thanks for the earlier support.
s/v Phantom Amel 54 #044

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