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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Our Chain counter also stopped working I made contact with Pochon who do not make these anymore but can repair them - email is accueilsavlr 'at '

SM 472

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If your chain counter has a Raymarine body, I believe it was made by Pouchon in La Rochelle.
Sm376 Kimberlite

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> Hello Stephanie,
> Is your counter damaged? Ours was fine, so when we replaced
> all the electronics in 2013, we kept the counter.
> All we did is relocate the counter to the starboard side, to
> the right of the Amel speaker. Works nicely, it illuminates at
> night, and we use it almost every day.
> On new Amels, they now install a counter from the maker of the
> anchor gypsy, I believe.
> Cheerio,
> Peregrinus
> SM2K n. 350
> Sardinia

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