Re: US shore power connections (Amel systems breakdown)


Hey Alexander -

Your response sound pretty spot on... There is one major thing but that might be the difference with out boat systems setups.... The plug in the engine room on my boat is currently in the bottom position which is 110v to  220v "step up". So basically everything you said is correct except my plug is located on the bottom and I think that might be a difference in hull numbers. 

Reading everyone else responses... I get the impression that the way I am running the boats systems are the best way to do so. If no please correct me. One thing I do want to point out is that I can run all my systems however I have to pick and choose what I want to run at the same time. For example... I can run 2 A/C systems at once but if I want to shower and there is not hot water I need to turn one of the A/C units off for 30 mins while I heat the water. I can probably run more 220v systems then I want to but I choose to do it this way to reduce stress on the 30amp service. Honestly, I have no idea if it is necessary but it makes me feel better. :) 

The fact that the cord in the lazorrete only runs 16amps is completely confusing to me. 

BTW the "central vacuum system" is a vacuum canister located in the engine room. There are then various (2) connections run forward and aft to connect a hose to clean the boat. I am assuming Jorge installed this system. Pretty cool. 

Please feel free to ask other questions.

Bill Maffei
SM #195
It's all Good

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