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We just replaced our microwave on our SM 2000 , hull #335 while we were in Guadeloupe
for a few weeks. We measured the cabinetry space and bracket available, including the
recess' in the the wood base into which the microwave rubber feet fit, and found a near
perfect fit with a Samsung 82 W -X 23L purchased from the Conforma store on the road
to the airport. It is a 220 volt, 50 Hertz model, white in color so that it lightens the galley
up a little bit and does not have the browning element. It isn't quite as tall as the original
Amel provided microwave but measures the same in all other dimensions. I utilized a
piece of dark colored closed cell foam padding under the hold down bracket to make up
for the height and it is barely visible in the rather dark recesses where the hold down
bracket is located. I considered purchasing a 110 volt 60 hertz unit and running it off my
inverter but in the end decided to stick with a 50 hertz unit.

Regards, Gary Silver

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I need to replace the microwave. Any suggestions on what microwave is
the best fit for the space allowed above the stove. What company,
brand or web-site have you ordered from? What brand does Amel have on
the new 54's? Would it fit the older boats? Thank you for any

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