Degraded continuity

Patrick McAneny

Before my boat went into back into the water yesterday , I checked for continuity between the copper strap and the zincs and I did have continuity. Later , I had two marine electricians on the boat and they checked the potential from the quadrant and found it to be only 560 , they tell me that they would expect to see about 900. 900 would insure that the zincs are protecting the metal parts of the boat. We can only speculate that the connection between the quadrant wire and the zincs have been degraded . There may not be enough contact between the zinc bolt and the strap inside  the rudder , it would only be the threaded area of the bolt and the strap , and stainless is not the best metal as a conductor . Bottom line is that I need more zinc protection/contact. They suggested that we install a large zinc on the hull with two bronze bolts ( better conductivity )through the hull , wired directly to the strap in the bilge. I am writing this to inform the group , that just because you have continuity , does not mean that you have adequate contact/protection.

Pat SM123

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