Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Looking to purchase

Frederick Froget <fredfroget@...>

Thank you Richard.

As you see , I have asked for interest in a sale in Sopac or Australia.

I must assume then, that you are prepared to deliver this yacht to Australia or deduct this shipping from the purchase price if delivered in MD.

If I this is a reasonable assumption, based on your response, feel free to contact me.

Richard Piller <> wrote:
We have a 46 available in Annapolis that you may be
interest in please see it at Yacht World.

--- fredfroget wrote:

Hello again group

I'm reposting a message of a couple of months ago in
case any new
opportunities have emerged.

In the process of moving up in yacht size I have
placed Amels right
at the top of my short list.

I'm in Brisbane, Australia and enquire whether there
are any Amel
owners who might be planning, or indeed are in
transit south and
intend to make Australia or SoPac the final stop
with intention of
selling their yacht here or somewhere else in

I am looking to purchase within a flexible timeframe
and would
consider Amels 46' and over, preferably without C Maramu
and Mango, although C Drive yachts built between
1995 and 1998 may be

Incidently, any purchase is not dependent on the
sale of an
existing vessel as is so often the case. That is, I
intend a cash
purchase for the right yacht.

I am looking for a personal yacht. I am not a broker
or dealer and
would ask that only private owners contact me
personally. I do not
wish to transact with brokers, dealers ,
professional or semi-
professional yacht delivery outfits.

Please feel free to contact me at.....

fredfroget AT

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