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James Alton


   Thank you for the files link.  I found some excellent data on the running rigging for the SM but did not see anything for the 46 Maramu.  Does anyone know if the line sizes are the same diameters for the two models?



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I believe you can find what you are looking for in the Files section of this forum under Miscellaneous:



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I will be replacing most of the running rigging on my 1987 Maramu and was hoping to find out the sizes used on the boat.  My boat does have the in mast furling, so I will need new line for the outhauls for main and mizzen.  Any help on this would be appreciated since I do not currently have access to my boat and I would like to begin gathering the needed materials.  I will be making most of my purchases in Italy so will be limited to what is available there.




James Alton

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