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If I am understanding you correctly you are trying to withdraw the carbon fibre tube of the bow thruster from the cast iron casing of the bow thruster motor. Assuming you have removed the two bolts that hold the tube in, then the tube should withdraw from below, however if this has not been done for a long time then a lot of patience and penetrating oil will be required as the inside of the cast iron casing will likely be rusted. There are quite a lot of posts written about this problem and how to approach it, on this forum. However, cutting the tube is a very bad idea and very expensive and it may not be possible to get a replacement unit. Patience and perseverance is the key.


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Hello everybody

As anybody ever have a problem with the SM 2000 bow thruster.

the elect. motor seems to be bonded to the "carbon"shaft.

Amel sent us a tool,but still is not moving.Pushed and pulled with  everything i got,still not moving.

I am now to the point of cutting the tube,which i can sleeve from the inside  and hope that it's not the shaft.

does anybody have any kind of experience with particular situation?

thanks all


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