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Yes, a number of owners have experienced this problem. I have helped 3 owners with this problem.  

It is generally caused by failing to perform periodic maintenance on the bow thruster, replacing seals, or by improper use of the bow thruster by leaving it down while sailing, or not using the pin to secure it in the up position. A small amount of saltwater passes by worn seals and causes the cast iron motor housing to oxidize (rust), which reduces the clearance between the motor housing and the tube, causing the motor housing to freeze to the tube.

The number one thing you need is patience. In addition you need the tool Amel sent you and lots of penetrating oil. Using the tool keep, maintain separating pressure on the the frozen joint. Light-medium tapping with a rubber mallet will help. This may take 2 or 3 days with constant separation pressure and tapping with a mallet.

Do Not use heat.

When you have it separated, be sure to inspect the bottom bearing on the motor. When you reassemble use a lot of waterproof grease at this junction.

I hope this helps you.

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Hello everybody

As anybody ever have a problem with the SM 2000 bow thruster.

the elect. motor seems to be bonded to the "carbon"shaft.

Amel sent us a tool,but still is not moving.Pushed and pulled with  everything i got,still not moving.

I am now to the point of cutting the tube,which i can sleeve from the inside  and hope that it's not the shaft.

does anybody have any kind of experience with particular situation?

thanks all


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