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Stephen Davis

Hi Fred,

Don't cut your shaft. If at the previous service not enough or any grease was put on the spline where it goes into the motor, it will rust, and be very difficult to separate. Spray lots of penetrating oil in the junction, use the Amel tool, and give the penetrating oil at least overnight to work. I eventually used a block of wood on top of the motor and a 4# hammer to break it loose on my friends boat. If you are patient and use lots of persuasion, you will get it loose within a day or two. 

When you put it back together, put lots of grease on the spline, service every 2 years, and you should not have the problem again. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM72

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Hello everybody

As anybody ever have a problem with the SM 2000 bow thruster.

the elect. motor seems to be bonded to the "carbon"shaft.

Amel sent us a tool,but still is not moving.Pushed and pulled with  everything i got,still not moving.

I am now to the point of cutting the tube,which i can sleeve from the inside  and hope that it's not the shaft.

does anybody have any kind of experience with particular situation?

thanks all


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