Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Looking to purchase Amel Super Maramu


Dear Ron,

I note with great interest your email below regarding
your 1996 SM and voyage through Indonesia.

I'm an Australian located in Singapore with wife and two
young kids and have been eyeing of SM for some time after
seeing my first last November anchored in Phi Phi Islands
(may have been yours as this one was registered in

I currently have my eye on a 1996 SM located in Phuket
and have been procrastinating over it for the past
4-5mths. The Yacht has been sailed by the original owner
from France over the past 10 years and appears to be in
very good shape, obviously well used though.

I was wondering if you could offer some advice on key
things to watch out for, and areas to pay particular
attention. How did the decks and hull come up after
repainting polish, must say I can't quite get my head
around Faux.

What do they sail like, I have always sailed sloops so I
can imagine there is a huge difference.

One of the big downsides to purchasing this in SEA is
paying all the Aust taxes, bit I suppose you have to pay
that in OZ as well.

Should we go ahead with the purchase our intentions are
to sail it home (slowly) to Australia in 2008 after
cruising SE Asia, Vietnam, KK etc. This would be with our
daughter 8 and son 6. Any advice on the route you are
talking would also be a great help.

We were considering trying to sail back with some of the
boats from 2008 Rally.

Would greatly appreciate any advice or thoughts on the
above, who knows I may see you in next years Rally.

Have a safe to Darwin.

Best regards,

David Elliott wrote:
Dear Fred,

We noticed your email sometime ago and your recent
exchanges with Richard Piller.

We have an Amel Super Maramu (hull # 171) constructed in
October 96. We are the second owners, and bought it from
the original owner in Fremantle September 2003. The yacht
is Australian Registered. We have sailed the yacht from
Fremantle to the Gold Coast in 2003, to the Louisiades in
2004, and to Darwin in 2005 where we sailed with the 2005
Rally to SE Asia. We are currently on our way home and are
in Kota Kinabulu in Sabah. We will leave here in a few
days, and sail to Sandakan and check out of Malaysia for
6-8 weeks cruising back through Indonesia to be back in
Darwin by end of August 2007. We will leave the boat in
Darwin for a month to fly back to the Gold Coast and then
fly back to sail the yacht "over the top" and back down
the Queensland coast to be home at Runaway Bay by late

The boat was very well maintained by the original owner
(he bought a new Amel) and we have continued with a
rigorous maintenance program.

Since owning the boat we have -
Installed a Pactor 3 modem for SailMail (2003)
Installed S/S gas BBQ (2003)
Purchased a new2 RIB and 15hp Yamaha (Oct 2003)
Replaced 6 person liferaft (Oct 2003)
Replaced HF radio with Icom 710-Aus (Oct 2003)
Replaced Gas bottles and storage area to meet Qld
Standards - Gas certificate issued (20O4)
Installed electric davits - by Davco (2004)
Installed awning extension to dodger
Replaced the Genoa, Main and Mizzen (2004)
Installed Racor fuel filter system (2004)
Installed Jabsco retrofit electric pumps with macerator on
both toilets (2005)-complies with Qld Standards
Replaced the electric motor on watermaker (2005)
Installed LED masthead anchor light and masthead
navigation light (2005)
Replaced the 24v front opening fridge compressor (2005)
Replaced 24v/240v TV and DVD player (2005)
Replaced the original batteries with 9X110amp sealed
batteries (2005)
Replaced corroded water jacket on Onan (2005)
Replaced VHF radio and aerial with Icom M402 &
commandamatic mike (2005)
Replaced membranes in watermaker (2006)
Complete service and replacement of bearings on Brunton
folding/feathering propellor (2006)
Replaced B&G masthead unit (2006)

The boat spent the wet season (June to October) on the
hard at Boat Lagoon Phuket in 2006
at that time we had -

Both the engines - Volvo and Onan - fully serviced with
injectors serviced and the timing belt replaced
Had the bow thruster serviced. Had bronze bush on the
drive leg replaced - to be replaced each 2 years.
The faux caulking repainted, the waterline raised at the
stern and the bootline repainted and the hull buffed and
The bottom aintifouled - all by the Australian tradesman
at Boat Lagoon
Had the anchor chain regalvanized.

Replaced the bowthruster solenoids (Apr 2007)

To be honest, we have not yet decided on selling the boat
- with the above maintenance, she performs very reliably
and we still enjoy sailing her. However, we have
canvasssed the thought of sale and would be interested in
further contact if you were interested.

We are certainly Amel fans and if you buy one we are sure
you would enjoy the boats.

Best Wishes

Ron & Heather BROWN - Yacht Tradewinds lll

Thank you Richard.

As you see , I have asked for interest in a sale in
Sopac or Australia.

I must assume then, that you are prepared to deliver
this yacht to Australia or deduct this shipping from the
purchase price if delivered in MD.

If I this is a reasonable assumption, based on your
response, feel free to contact me.

Richard Piller <> wrote:
We have a 46 available in Annapolis that you may be
interest in please see it at Yacht World.

--- fredfroget wrote:

Hello again group

I'm reposting a message of a couple of months ago in
case any new
opportunities have emerged.

In the process of moving up in yacht size I have
placed Amels right
at the top of my short list.

I'm in Brisbane, Australia and enquire whether there
are any Amel
owners who might be planning, or indeed are in
transit south and
intend to make Australia or SoPac the final stop
with intention of
selling their yacht here or somewhere else in

I am looking to purchase within a flexible timeframe
and would
consider Amels 46' and over, preferably without C Maramu
and Mango, although C Drive yachts built between
1995 and 1998 may be

Incidently, any purchase is not dependent on the
sale of an
existing vessel as is so often the case. That is, I
intend a cash
purchase for the right yacht.

I am looking for a personal yacht. I am not a broker
or dealer and
would ask that only private owners contact me
personally. I do not
wish to transact with brokers, dealers ,
professional or semi-
professional yacht delivery outfits.

Please feel free to contact me at.....

fredfroget AT

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