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Peter Buckley

Hi all,
I made the tool that there are images of on the site. It didn’t move the shaft at all until I sprayed a product called “Yield" on it. It is $75.00 Aus, and comes in a gold can, as it should for the cost….. I tried Inox and WD 40 and the Yeild was the only product that worked for me!
I have recently serviced the thruster again and it slid out easily due to the anti seize that I used on the previous assembly.

I will post images to the site when I get some time.

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I think there's a tool that you can use to press it off.  Seems like I remember someone posted a pic of it.
Have you tried lifting the thruster from below and pulling down hard and fast?  I believe that is what Amel (?Olivier) suggested a few years ago.
I wouldn't cut the shaft until every other avenue had failed.

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Hi Andrew

We have  the version with the 4 screws holding it to the iron flange. I've been fighting with this for a long time and it never moved a millimeter.push,pulled,torqued,heated....screamed at it too..that's why i'm at cutting the tube and sleeving it afterwards.Would you have some pics of the inside of the tube or the dismantled motor.
Thanks for your advice

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