Re: DC ground leak


Hi Alan,
I hope you find the source.  We had a similar indication with intermittent low illumination of the Masse neg lamp.  We were wintering in an Italian marina and through observation of their electrician staff I had reservations about how the pedestals were wired and maintained (not sure if this was the problem).  We had a sailboat on our port side that was not plugged in and a slip on our right that was periodically used by various local boats.  Turned out that when certain boats were along side and plugged in the Masse Neg lamp would glow.  We decided that the common ground to the other boats that may have not have been protected or zinc'd well were causing the indication.  Our greater than normal zinc erosion that season seemed to confirm it..  The installation of a galvanic isolator solved it.  Without galvanic isolation, other nearby vessels that are under-zinced can use yours!  If you already have a gav isolater make sure it is wired before the gen/shore power--anywhere before the grounding stud in the gen/shore power box.
Bob KAIMI SM 429

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