Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Masthead lights do not last

Bill & Judy Rouse <yahoogroups@...>

We had the same issue years ago and never determined what the problem was, but when we replaced it with an LED, the problem went away. Once I read that some incandescent bulbs will operate less than full life if the voltage is greater than or less than 10% of the bulb's rating. I can't find that reference, but that could be the cause, or a bad batch. Next time you are up there, bring a multi-meter and check the voltage. It that is the issue, an LED will solve the problem because of its wide range of voltage. I would also coat the new bulb base with corrosionX to ensure good contact, but the problem could be where the wires connect to the mast-top fixture.

BeBe, 387

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Since we bought our SM last year (Feb 2015) we've  replaced the anchor light bulb 5 times.  The boat was little used - fewer than 800 hours on engine and generator - and we've  had only the usual maintenance issues which makes this issue most perplexing.  We're trying to determine what could cause premature bulb failures.  I've suspected a bad batch of bulbs; a surge in the electrical when running the generator; or perhaps corroded fitting causing an on/off for the bulb thereby shortening their life. 

Has anyone had a similar experience?  Also it would wonderful to have a source for high quality bulbs.

Ben and Gayle
La Bella Vita
SM 347
Port Louis, Grenada

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