Re: Looking to purchase a "South" Amel

fredfroget <fredfroget@...>

Hello Craig And Cathrine.

No particular reason for that specific date.
I am really after an older boat and would consider slightly younger
boats, but do not want to waste time on the plethora of not so second
hand boats that are on the market , essentially at not so second hand
prices, often with not so serious sellers.

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although C Drive yachts built prior to 1998 may be

fredfroget AT
Hi Fred,
I don't have a boat for you but I was curious as to why you picked 1998
as your cutoff date for accepting a "C" drive? Was there a design
change then that you think is not good? or what??

Best regards and good luck in getting your new Amel.
Craig Briggs
1992 Santorin #68 - "Sangaris"

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