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Hi Pat,
It's my understanding that the new LED bulbs are much more tolerant to changes in voltage. When we charge our 24 V battery banks, absorption charge is usually in the 28.8 V range, when we equalize it is significantly over 30 V. If the bank is down in the mid-24 V range and we run a large winch or windless, the voltage may drop significantly below 24 V for a short time. Make sure that you check the voltage tolerances of the fixture/bulbs that you purchase.


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An electrician thinking it was only a converter just last week removed mine and installed 24v bulbs . He did not realize it stabilized voltage and I always wondered what it was , now I know. If he still has it , I could ask him to reinstall it , but he would also have to go back up to change the bulb back to a 12v bulb. Is it worth it . If I went with a  LED tri-color would I need it?
Pat SM123

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