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Mike Ondra

Most LED lights I have been seeing lately are rated at 10-30v. This was confirmed by an LED vendor. Hopefully that is becoming the manufacturing standard and would allow the range of voltages found on our vessels during normal operations. It does beg the question about equalizing the batteries at over 30v. If that is the case, perhaps lighting circuits should be turned off during equalization.

Mike Ondra

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Hi Pat,

It's my understanding that the new LED bulbs are much more tolerant to changes in voltage. When we charge our 24 V battery banks, absorption charge is usually in the 28.8 V range, when we equalize it is significantly over 30 V. If the bank is down in the mid-24 V range and we run a large winch or windless, the voltage may drop significantly below 24 V for a short time. Make sure that you check the voltage tolerances of the fixture/bulbs that you purchase.




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An electrician thinking it was only a converter just last week removed mine and installed 24v bulbs . He did not realize it stabilized voltage and I always wondered what it was , now I know. If he still has it , I could ask him to reinstall it , but he would also have to go back up to change the bulb back to a 12v bulb. Is it worth it . If I went with a  LED tri-color would I need it?

Pat SM123

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